A 23 Year Old Successful Forex Trader Momo

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How I Become Successful Forex Trader:

A 23 year old owner , founder ,CEO of lucid FFX it may sound simple and straight -forward but this is one of the most important topic in trading right here consistency. It is so important as a trader why does it equal to a successful trader.

Why Do We Have To Be Consistent :

Most of traders probably blown an account or lost a lot of money in trading within like a week and a month and then recovered much sooner then others most likely not most likely not the best way is to maintain discipline and to practice proper risk management

Keep Practicing Proper Risk Management :

Keep practicing the proper risk management keep adding more money to your account from other sources of income you have and keep compounding months will pass by and your account will get to the tens of thousands and over and over and over keeps on going .

Learn To Accept The Losses:

In the market In the sense that you have to accept that you can not win every single trade you have to accept the losses. Its normal you cannot win every single trade if every trader had like a 95 win rate people would be millionaires in like a month and that is not realistic.so, trade realistic take proper risk management do not hope and pray. Don not be a gambler be a trader and get the right education.