Breaking Records: Lucius YBE’s Latest Release Makes Waves

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About Lucius YBE

Marius “Lucius” “YBE” born June 10th 1991 originally from Ziguinchor, rapper artist Lucius YBE started basketball from an early age. He first knew how to make a name in his native region before moving to Dakar to play professional basketball, winning national championship cups from 2000 to 2011 and did the same in Morocco in 2012 by winning the Moroccan championship.

How He Turns From An Athlete To A Musician

After a serious knee injury in 2013, Lucius went to the United States for ACL and meniscus surgery. After a year of physiotherapy, and conclusive attempts at the San Antonio Spurs he reaches the NBA but unfortunately he suffers yet another injury that stops him in his momentum and keeps him away from the courts, this is how Lucius reluctantly decides to definitely turn the basketball page and move on. Below are the highlights on YouTube.

Hitting the High Notes: A Look at Lucius YBE’s Musical Journey

At the end of 2014, Lucius YBE created US Africa Entertainment, a non-profit association that aims to create jobs to help reduce illegal immigration to Africa and especially Senegal through artists cultural exchanges and cultural mixiny.

In the spring of 2015, Lucius and his organization organized a memorable concert in Senegal bringing together Inno a New York artist with two trendy artists from the Senegalese scene, namely Canabasse and Queen Biz. The concert was sold out because it was the first time that the Senegalese public. Saw their favorite artists share the same stage as an American artist on songs they had composed together.

In 2016, Lucius set up his own label Young Believers Entertainment (YBE), signed his first artist in Senegal and did the same in New Orleans. 6 months later a concert was organized in Senegal. This concert attracted more than 5,000 people, including dignitaries. In 2017, the label signed other artists from different African countries including Togo, Nigeria and Benin.

See the organization page for more information. In November 2019, Lucius set himself a new challenge: to become a rapper and adopt the pseudonym YBE as his stage name. The following month, he released his first clip entitled, “Expensive” which has been seen more than a million times on Facebook.

Since then, its music catalog has been refined. He now has several videos online like “What They Say”, “Going Hard” and “Blow”. Featuring American artists and Africans and other bangers in preparation. You can find his videos on Facebook and on YouTube. Lucius YBE got book in Senegal and Gambia for December 2020 and all his shows was sold out.

From Humble Beginnings: The Rise of Lucius YBE

When his back to Washington DC in 2021 he dropped 4 music videos, in the same year his music videos was playing in the number one worldwide hip hop tv REVOLT, he got the legend JADAKISS in his music video and start getting book in the US. The same years December 2021 he got book for the second time to go on tour in west Africa where all his shows was sold out once again.

2022 he dropped his music video OMG who is blowing up and playing in the biggest worldwide tv like MTV, REVOLT and BET and start getting book to a lot of events in the US and in May 30th 2023. He dropped another hard song called “ Legacy” on his INSTAGRAM page put didn’t even have the opportunity to promote it even if the song it self is doing numbers more than 150k Views none of his videos on never reach that number. Now he is focusing on what’s going in his country where he was born and he is fighting to free his people from the dictator SENEGALESE president Macky SALL.

How Can People Connect With Lucius YBE

You can follow him on social networks:
Instagram: http://@i_am_ybe_official_
Facebook: Lucius Ngoye
Youtube : Lucius YBE
Tiktok : http://@lucius_ybe