Easy Way To Grow Your Podcast:

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As a newbie podcaster ,you probably have a lot question swirling around your head .That how your podcast will be publish in the right way and which is the best practice I can do that my podcast reaches to the new people . Well after a lot of searches on the top podcast that are winning right now .I wanna give you best practices to help you to stand your podcast.

1:Publishing Schedule:

Think about this. How we have been consuming content for decades now in on television ,right? And with that you knew Exactly when your favorite Episodes to your favorite TV shows were going to be released . Now obviously this is before the days of Netflix well they would give you all the episode at one time , but about traditional television, the traditional ways that people have been consuming content ,it is by knowing when something is releasing .And I Encourage you to have a publishing date and have proper time for publishing .People who Watch your podcast will have curiosity at that that time to watch your podcast.

2:Being Authentic:

Think About the intimacy of a podcast . You are in someone`s ears . You and them are walking together .You and them are in a train together or in a car. You and them are hanging out and so you wanna be the real you. So, if you like crack jokes between things put the jokes in there. If you like to be formal and more professional make that your your podcast. Be You, means that bring your personality to what you are doing.

Change the world , By being Yourself.


3:Optimize Your Podcast:

It means that you should be looking at the analytics .Distributing your podcast on all platforms and looking all your analytics in regular basis . That is gonna help you to optimize your podcast .

4:Communicate With Your Audience:

Be present outside of your show ,Podcasting right now does not really make it easy for you to be communicating with your audience so you need to go to other platforms to be able to creating deeper relationships. Share with your audience where there can be talking to you on a one to one basis or a one to many basis . you need to set up a facebook group . Some podcasters actually have blogs linked to their podcast where people can go an actually leave more valuable interactions on their actual blog .

5:Invite Guests On Your Show:

Now a lot of shows depend on a single host charisma style , meaning that it a one person talking kind of in the same way every single time and that is not a bad idea you definitely can have a successful podcast as just being the one player in that podcast but switch it up now and then invite a special guest on to your show . It allows for this intrigue in conversation with some of influence or someone that is influential to that group or that audience it can really spark more interest in your podcast.