Getting to Know the Musical Journey of S.O.L.O

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about S.o.L.o

S.o.L.o, birth name: Wayne Henry was born in Montréal, Quebec. He is the first of seven kids from Mother – Audrey Davy. S.o.L.o is of Jamacian descent. He grew up in many public housing communities in Montreal and was always having to move from one place to another. Being raised by a single mother and having three sisters was very isolating

Early Struggles and Challenges: The Path of S.o.L.o

At family parties he was always right beside the DJ, studying how to spin records. He moved to Ottawa when he was 12 years old and started making music to the age of 19. Unfortunately music came to a halt for him. His troubled childhood had created demons in his life that he had to face. He bounced back and started making beats shortly after.

Inspiration from Experience: How S.o.L.o Overcame Adversity

He is continually inspired by the iconic rappers that influenced his life as a child but also the new emerging artists push him creatively. S.o.L.o prefers not to identify with a specific genre. His music can be interpreted by the listener and classified however it perceived.

How people can connect with him

People can connect with him through his instagram