Hustler Times Shines a Spotlight On “Soulja South”

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Tell Us Something About Yourself?

Hey im Soulja South.
Climbing the Ranks in The Music Industry.Known by my stage name Soulja South, I am beginning to become a prominent superstar in the music industry. Growing up in Fort Myers, Florida, my stage name Soulja South I dreamed of becoming successful Artist and hustler’s mentality that courses through my veins.

How You Get Inspiration To Become An Artist?

I got his inspiration for becoming an artist from watching BET in 2004 and the impact artists have on the culture. I intuitively knew I had a story that could help impact people’s lives through pen and paper. an independent artist who focuses on creating music that is energetic and real. I had diverse catalog of music which has earned some tremendous accomplishments already in my career.

What`s Your presence on google?

I had been featured on billboards in 2021 and 2022 across New York City on two separate occasions, working hard grinding and looking forward to doing the same in 2023 as well as in the Rap Aechelon Magazine , featuring James Worthy , Kanye West Celebrities , more incredible upcoming local artists .

What`s your goal ? how can you achieve it?

I’m focuses on creating inspiring music that motivates my listeners to go out and take massive action in order to improve your life. I intends for all of my fans to “take away being more successful, wanting to grind for more success” when listening to my music. as an Independent Music Artist and Entrepreneur mindset I came up with the name COLOGNE MONEY for my next mixtape in 2012 and ended up getting a few t-shirts made, Calling it “Cologne Money” that’s now available on Spotify and SoundCloud and More and with my entrepreneur mindset I end up creating fragrance perfume and cologne that I am the owner of Cologne Money LLC , You can search me on Google under the name Soulja South , making a lot of moves this year Keep praying, winning, accomplish, achieve , successful .

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through my Instagram