IamYungP is Coming Again With A New Album “Cheers”

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About IamyungP

Iamyungp is an upcoming Artist from Maryland. Music has always been his passion and he is good at it. The emerging artist have also the clothing line called Stonaville which he has been managing for about 7 years now. it is going pretty well. I doing music for 8 years now, I definitely enjoy doing music and work will other artists and a lot of different producers, My mom always been my inspiration, she definitely my biggest fan and that’s why I work hard just to give her a better life.

Iamyungp upcoming projects

Iamyungp releasing his new single “Cheers” February first on all platforms. Cheers is 1st single off his new up and coming project “Cheers”. Iamyungp believes that this is one of his best album, Cheers the album is set to be released in sometime around April. Not only is Iamyungp just an artist, he’s a also an entrepreneur with his own clothing line by the “Stonaville”. Iamyungp is also a fashion genius in the music world, lately he been styling the world with his brilliant fashion style.

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