In the Spotlight with Rudament: A Hustler Times UK Interview

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In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Rudament, a versatile music producer, artist developer, songwriter, music marketer, sound director, and musician with over 30 years of experience in the music industry. He shares his insights on how he’s helped artists boost their online presence, his unique show “Who’s NEXT,” and his long-term goals.

Q1: Can you briefly introduce yourself and share your background in the music industry?

kSure, my name is Rudament, and I’ve been deeply entrenched in the music industry for over three decades. I’ve played various instruments for most of my life, both on and off stage. I’ve also been a music producer for 23 years and a voice coach since 2007, earning a solid 5-star rating on platforms like for over five years. I’ve even managed to get 13 songs across different genres, like Hip Hop, Country, Gospel, Pop/R&B, and Indie Pop, on the radio.

Q2: How do you help artists boost their online presence and connect with industry professionals?

I’ve built a network of industry executives over the years. When I come across promising talent, I make sure their work gets into the right hands. I offer marketing services in over 140 countries and have a community of over 70,000 DJs. This helps artists gain exposure and valuable insights into the industry.

Q3: Can you share a success story of an artist who benefited from your guidance and services?

Certainly. There was an artist named Dimi Marc who collaborated with me in 2011. Together, we managed to get a record distributed by Def Jam that reached #4 on the Hip Hop College charts. But it’s not just chart success; I’ve also helped artists overcome stage fright, improve their singing or rapping, and refine their craft.

Q4: What inspired the concept of your show, “Who’s NEXT?” and how does it help artists improve?

“Who’s NEXT” was inspired by friends who saw the potential for me to create a platform for emerging artists. The idea is to offer promising talents the chance to work on a record with me and, if things go well, create three more. The artist who completes four records with me gets the golden opportunity of a major label sit-down meeting with Atlantic, Republic, or Def Jam records.

Q5: In the competitive music industry, how do you stand out and make a difference in NYC and Philadelphia?

Currently, “Rudament’s Who’s NEXT” is based in Brooklyn, New York, and I also serve as a visiting judge at an event called Supreme Bars. We’re actively working to bring Supreme Bars back to Philadelphia, ensuring artists in both cities have access to valuable exposure opportunities.

Q6: What are your long-term goals for Rudament Music Company and its impact on the industry?

My mission hasn’t changed since I started Rudament Music in 2007. I aim to take artists from various genres and work with them on projects that touch the world, changing their lives forever. By doing this repeatedly, I hope to earn a reputation in the music industry as someone who consistently helps deserving talents succeed. It’s not just about accolades; it’s about creating more pathways for hardworking artists to shine.

Rudament’s unwavering commitment and extensive network make him a force for positive change in the competitive music industry. His dedication and passion continue to guide aspiring musicians on their journey to musical excellence.