Interview With Emerging Artist “Lord-Divine”

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Tell us how you start your journey? where you from?

I was born & Raised in the Bronx, NewYorkCity!

I Grew Up in one of the most dangerous & HipHop influenced Projects in NewYork BRONXRIVER PROJECTS!

which type artist you are? which difficulties you face when you start journey?

I’m Not your Typical #Rapper/ #Artist because I ain’t been #Rappin my Whole life. I started hustling & making my own money at a very Early age! I was about 8 or 9 years old and I had like 3 Jobs #Newspaper Route #PackingBags at SuperMarkets & working on a #Soda Truck on the weekends. Then around 13 years old I linked up with some friends in BronxRiver that was getting More #Money then Me! So We Teamed up and started Running around NewyorkCity breaking into video (Arcade) Machines and SteaLing all the #Quarters! #PacMan #MsPacman #MarioBros #MrDo #SpaceInvaders #DigDuG #Centipede just to Name a Few #VideoGames. This was a Very Lucrative Hussle. Then The #CRACK #ERA HIT! Myself and my friends wit From #BOYZ To #MEN over NighT! #SellingDruGs #Violence #Gunz #PRISON!!

why you went to prison?

The #DRUGGAME landed me in StaTe Prison For 10 Years in Ohio. This is where I discovered my Hidden talent.. I started off writing letters Poetry which eventually turned into Rhythming while still in Prison.

From which personality do you inspired off?

My Biggest influence was BIGGIE SMALLS his Music & the way he Delivered it kept me in-tuned with Newyork. When he got murdered in 1997 I didn’t even know how I was gonna Finish the Rest of my Time! I was Lost! #Rip #BiggieSmalls.

do you want to give any message to your fans ? how can you fans connect with you?

When my Fans Listen to my Music I want them to be able to visualize my #Story! NoT just feel it! but Close their EYES and Really see it! Cause it’s The ArT of StorYTellinG!

People can connect with me through my Instagram