Interview With HipHop Artist and Rapper “Smvvth”

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Tell us something about you?

Kevin Noel Townsend (born September 19 , 1991) known professionally as Smvvth. I am a American Rapper and song writer with a fiercely independent streak. With a style that compares to snoop Dogg , Ma$e , Fabolous , CL Smooth his flow is laid back and smooth yet very powerful.

From where you get inspiration for yourself?

I took inspiration from East coast rap legends like Notorious , B.I.G and Big L. I began rapping in the early 2000`s , gradually building word-of-mouth buzz through several self released mixtapes.

How you gain so much popularity?

I get popularity from my most popular “Bat Tape” trilogy popular tracks include “Liberace” , “Clarity” and “Bat Love” . The talented MC`s “No Guidance Remix” caught listeners all over the internet and went viral ! I am a part of the same hip hop collective that JK the rapper is a part of “Fang Life”.

Tell us something about your presence on Internet?

I got featured on A-list blogs such as billboard HipHop , Elevator Magzine , and Genius-just to name a few . I got reached over 10M+ Spotify streams , 45,085 monthly listeners added to 349,345 Spotify playlists , 11.5k Instagram followers 300,000 sound cloud streams and 61.8 k apple music streams .

How can people connect with you?

People Can connect with me through my Instagram :