Interview with Most Talented Artist Andrea Cordero

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Hey what`s your born name?

My name is Andrea Cordero , you can call me Andi, or Addi .

Why do you make this type of art?

I work in almost every discipline and medium. The digital portraits are easier to work on when traveling. I ended up learning a lot about procreate and software while building a portable studio setup.

The paintings and prints are quite large , and require studio space to work on . As a designer and as an artist , some of the work is commissioned for a specific client and is therefore tailored to their taste, their brands for their identity.

Other work is made by me , for me as my own artistic expression. These pieces are mostly portraits . Some are self portraits.

What Inspire You?

Creative people most of my subject are in some way : actors , musicians , artisans. That is why my personal brand is called ADDIROCKART. Addi is me , Rock referring a genre of music , and Art. I work mostly is portraits and try to represent elements of people and their arts in pieces .

Also, I am the daughter of a immigrant , and as a first generation American , the first generation to go to college , to have a personal brand at all that… it fuels me to do more.

Travel also keeps me inspired. The energy of new place is always wonderful for a creative in my opinion.

How can we connect with you?

I`m developing a blog about my artistic endeavours and will be sharing it through my website , as well my Instagram @addirockart.