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What`s your born name?

Mathew Dargan is my born name. FLM is my stage name.

Which type of lyrics you wrote and sing in your songs?

FLM is a complex minded individual who voices his opinion with an unfiltered live by his word stance. He is a Hip HOP MC who based his lyrics upon real life situations and day to day complication. FLM has various meanings – Fully loaded Mack because he`s a ladies man , forever lighting marijuana because of his fetish for the cannabis plants, and forever loving me because he pushes the point that first you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.

Tell us about your background?

I first starting releasing music since 2000`s as a part of a four man Hip Hop group called Ghetto Mentally created in BrownsVille Brooklyn but we call it JuxVille crooklyn, salute to Amboy street, We release our first Album N it 4 life and our second album 13 1 hit wonders and we also released numerous singles and mixtapes.

When did you start music?

Firstly I started recording music in my friends room where he had a beat machine and a track recorders in the mid to late 90`s.

What did you think about Hip Hop game?

FLM is a straight to the heart ride or die Brooklyn, NY representative who realizes that the Hip Hop game is a global event to the fullest extent. His mouth is little vulgar and his lyrical content is explicit, but take the time to listen to his overall message.

How can we connect with him:

We can connect with him through his Instagram account .

You can also connect with him through his website