The Beginning of success of Emerging Artist “Lil Pottna”

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What`s your born name? Where you born?

My born name is Bruce Carter AKA. People call me “Lil Pottna” with love. I was born and raised in New Orleans LA. Uptown/Downtown area.

When you are love with the music? What`s the other thing you done beside singing?

I`ve been doing music since I was 18 , Now I am 33 years old . I love writing music and ghostwriting for others. I love working with other artists that are serious about their crafts and learning from artists as well. I have been featured in @thisis50 , @hypermagzine , @billboardhiphop , @24hiphop.

Which was your main song who got traffic?

I have songs on all platforms , My main song that received over 100,000 streams on Spotify is called “Thug It Out”… I am an independent artist that copyrighted my own label which is called “Clips & Bands Ent”. I look further to working with people that can help my brand succeed.

How can people contact with you?

People can contact with me through my Instagram :….