The Bigger Picture: Meet emerging photographer Tyler Wigglesworth

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About Tyler Wigglesworth.

The Virginia Based is no stranger to the phrase “shoot your shot”; pushing the Alias of Tylerjoriginals, where he strives to achieve his dreams through photography and media. Moving with the one goal in mind of emphasizing the “free” in freelance. Whether working in the pit of a festival in front of your favorite musician or the runway capturing the looks of the next trends in fashion. He takes pride in not limiting himself or where his career may take him.

How Tyler Wigglesworth found his passion of photography.

The Norfolk State Graduate found his passion for photography through the love of traveling, as he’s believed they’ve always coincided with each other. “Constantly scouting for new locations and concepts in such a competitive and saturated field will steer you to look into some pretty unfamiliar places. But with unfamiliarity comes discomfort, which then stunts growth.” Tyler has achieved working with various fashion week entities such as RVAFW (Richmond Fashion Week) in his home town to the globally recognized NYFW (New York Fashion Week). As well as the home grown festival that is Pharrell Williams’ “Something in the Water” to the Media powerhouse of Complex’s “ComplexCon” convention in Long Beach, California and much more.

Inspiration Motto Tyler Wigglesworth.

If you asked Tyler he would say that taking a chance and betting on Ourself is key to getting to that next level. Nothing can fly without spreading its wings.

 You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

How can you find their work?

You can find his work on Instagram under @TheTylerJW and @Tylerjoriginals. Also check out his portfolio at