Unveiling the Multifaceted Artist Tally Bandz: An Exclusive Interview with Hustler Times

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Tally Bandz is a rising star in the music industry, known not only for her catchy tunes but also for her versatility as an artist. In an exclusive interview, she shared insights into her creative journey, the inspiration behind her hit songs, and how she aims to empower women through her music.

Can you share the inspiration behind your shift from rap to R&B with “Show Me”?

I would say there wasn’t really a shift because my first song was a singing track, but I didn’t put it out at the time because I didn’t feel confident in my singing abilities. “Show Me” was not supposed to be an R&B song. When I first got in the studio to record the song, it was a rap song about a toxic situationship, but I didn’t finish it. Then I came back a year later, and I was in a different headspace, so it became more of a love song to myself to take my power back. I like making all types of music, though. I consider myself a versatile artist that can do all genres.

Tell us about the message and inspiration behind “Lost Boyz.”

“Lost Boyz” came about because I wanted to make a song about Tinkerbell. The message is about a breakup I had gone through recently where I felt like my ex at the time had fumbled the bag by losing me. He wasn’t giving me enough attention or making me his priority, which is a main theme with Tinkerbell’s character. If she doesn’t get enough attention, she will die (laughs). I incorporated the Peter Pan and Wendy references as well because the beat has a sample that talks about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.

How do your various creative roles (rapper, model, actress) influence each other?

I was first a model, then an actress, and now I’m a rapper. They all tie into each other, though. Modeling and acting built up my confidence, which has helped me give amazing performances at my shows. And now with rapping, I’m still modeling and doing photo shoots for magazines and blogs. I’m still acting as well. I have a movie I’m starring in coming out on Tubi on December 1st called “Missionary.”

How do you see your music empowering women?

I make music for the sole reason to empower women to become strong and to know their worth. I want all women to know they are Baddiez, and they can have and do anything they want in this life. I’ve had many women message me, telling me how I inspire them and how my music empowers them. It is the best feeling ever when I get those messages.

What can fans expect from you in the coming year?

I’ll be dropping the “Lost Boyz” music video in November, and it’s going to be fire! I also plan to drop my album in January and go on tour, so stay tapped in my Baddiez and Bad Boyz!

Tally Bandz is on a mission to inspire and empower women through her music, and her ability to seamlessly blend different creative roles showcases her versatility as an artist. With exciting plans for new music and live performances on the horizon, Tally Bandz is poised for a promising future in the music industry. Be sure to keep an eye out for her upcoming releases and performances.