Why Elon Musk And His Team Work On Neural Tech

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Future Of Neuralink:

One day you could have a super human vision play your favorite albums in your head and download your brain to a computer or even to another body this may sound like an episode of your favorite science fiction show Elon Musk and his team at the neural tech start up neuralink believe that their electronic brain computer interfaces could make this possible .

How It Expands The Capabilities Of Humans:

Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires the small easy to install brain computer interface . It could be expands the capabilities of humans . It can help humans to interact with the machines using their brain. A human can mentally controlled a tablet to do things like browse a web and play games or music all that being done with a couple of hundred electrodes.

Experimented On Animals :

Its a rhesus Macaque , which is a type of monkey that is very commonly used in this field, Implanted With two of the N1 devices , the neuralink devices performing brain control of a cursor on a screen that is extremely significant because here neuralink is showing their new hardware their new device in their hands works in a monkey . That is the level that is necessary to convince the scientific community to convince the FDA that you are ready to go into human clinical trials that is the evidence the FDA is looking for.

How does A Device Like The N1 Get Implanted In A Subject Brain:

This is neurosurgery .It is not a joke .It is not a joke. This require cutting the skin ,getting down to skull, drilling hole to skull. Exposing which is called the dura, which is the protective layer of tissue that surround the brain, Cutting the dura, folding it back o expose the brain and then, you get to the surface of the brain, where you can implant the electrodes

Potential In Neural Technology:

Musk claims that the device could be us to operate robots cure paralysis treat mental illness to stream music directly. Musk has been very vocal about his fear of artificial intelligence believing AI could one day overshadow the human race .If musk companies accomplish half of what they claimed we could see the emergence of one of the most significant Technologies in human history.