World Largest Camera which is our new window to universe

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Size Of The Camera:

The size of the camera is bigger than a car and containing the pixels of 266 Iphones . The worlds largest camera is almost finely here and yes it can at least two people to lift off its lens cap . This camera which stands 1.65 meters tall and weight 2800 kg has recently been unrevealed at slack national accelerator lab by stanford university . This camera is use to serve by the scientists in grabbing snapshots of billions of far faraway galaxies . In this way we will be able to study the stars and galaxies far away from us .

This Camera Is Our Window To Universe:

This Camera Is Our Window To Universe And will help scientists and the world to understand the nature of dark energy and dark matter .The camera hopes to capture 15TB of data per night for a decade as per the project which was started a couples of years ago .This camera is supposed to be send to the Vera Rubin observatory in Chile in May 2023 mounted on a telescope located in the Andes mountains having already being recognized as the biggest optic device in the world by Gunnies book of world records .

Specifications Of Camera :

This camera possesses the biggest lens ever created with the diameter of 1.57 meters it can see with enough retail it can able to clearly capture a particle of dust on the moon with the help of its 189 sensors . This camera can successfully captures light emanating from the stars and other celestial objects turning it into electrical signals which can then be translated into digital photos each sensor is sized at around 16 mm and the camera has 3.2 GIGA PIXELS in total behind the lens of the camera . Sit detectors that are fashioned from charge coupled device sensors very commonly known in astronomy . The camera sensors are extremely expensive to make and any misalignments could easily damage them.