An Enthralling Conversation with Jeremiah Bonez, the Rising Star of the Music Industry

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Whats your birth name

My mother named me Jeremiah. And I’ve been called Bonez since very young. Hence the name Jeremiah Bonez. I have many names. Some refer to me as Foolkilla. Mr Mumblefyre. Big Dippa. I won’t answer to Jeremy. Fuck that.

can you tell us about your musical journey

My music journey began in junior high, Bronx NY. Sousa Junior High. A friend of mine (Free Hatcher) wrote my first couple of bars, showed me the basics and I took off. I don’t remember that rap, but it was cool for someone who didn’t know what they were doing. I remember I started to take it serious after this dude in a barbershop in Freeport, Long Island went crazy and started destroying me verbally while I was playing around. I didn’t like that feeling. I had to be nice with it. So I started writing every day. Sharpening my pen with, Down By Loyalty, the team I started out with. From there, I moved to Brooklyn, formed a crew with my brother, Isaiah A.M, and two other guys Rez and Bojangles, the Sonz of Liberty. We only completed one project, “2 Die Dreamin”. I have to find that and put that online. It was amazing. However, we all had different visions of the future, and I went on to develop other skills I used to push my creativity. I’ve been on a few tours, Unisigned Explosion tour, Mor Artistry/Dreams 2 Reality tour, I’ve also performed overseas, shoutout the UK. I fell back for a while, working behind the scenes helping an other artists out, but now I’m in a space where I can do me and focus on my own music.

What are your previous and upcoming projects

The Passion Mixtape is my first solo project released 2009, and re-released on all streaming platforms 2020, it was me just doing whatever I felt, regardless if anyone liked it or not. I’ve worked with a producer out in the UK, @beatsbymills. That’s my brother from across the pond. He mixed and mastered my EP, “See The Sun”, as well as the Passion Mixtape, available on all streaming platforms. We have several songs together, and work exceptionally well together, in spite of the distance between us. He’s the Dr Dre to my Snoop, or Swizz to my DMX. True legend. We have a new EP on the way, “Now Or Never”, in addition to other tunes we’ve been working on, most recently “Bullshxt” featuring Pretty Stizzy aka Yehlo.

Can you describe what your music is about

My music is about whatever I’m feeling in that moment. Genuine as possible. I talk my smack. Sometimes it’s about love. Sometimes it’s about hate. I discuss life in general. I party and bullshit. I’ll kick some thought provoking sh*t. Ratchet shit. I’m a chameleon like that. I stay away from indictment music. Loose lips sink ships.

What type of business do you have besides music

Aside from making music, I have skills in graphic design, audio engineering, video editing, I have a clothing line,, as well as running my own company, Social Xile Entertainment. I’m working on an internet show, and a partnership with my bro @ancestral_amulets for hand crafted custom jewelry.

Can you list off your achievements

2013 Did an awesome promo run in UK, becoming the first artist from America (New York) to perform live on Life.FM for DJ Macky radio show! Since then I’ve reached over 1 million plays between streaming platforms. It took a long time and a lot of grinding but I’m grateful I’m able to do what I love. I’m just getting started.