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What’s your Born Name? Where you grew up?

My born name is Mario Canon.I am originally from Springfield IL. I grew up with my mother and my cousins as my brothers. My mom was married for a while but I grew up in single parent household for the majority my early years.

Tell us something about yourself? what you want to be ?

I always wanted to be a rapper/entertainer! I recorded my own songs /tapes in the 3rd and 4th grad using radio shack karaoke machines and a lot of miscellaneous wires I found lol . I also was heavy into basketball ball so I played that as well for my school and I was actually good. Ended up playing college ball and playing high school ball with Andre Igudola from the Golden State Warriors we actually grew up together. He’s actually the reason why I chose the high school I went to because he was my big brother and mentor at the time.

what is the difficulties you faced in your life ?

I ruined my basketball dreams and military opportunity to join the Air Force after getting into some serious trouble with the law as a teenager. I was crushed and turned to the streets. No one would hire me. No one would give me a chance.

What is your turning point of life that changes your whole life?

After all this hard time I would then begin to lose my siblings all around me to him violence and this was an eye opener for me to change. I lost everyone and I mean EVERYONE. I had a core group of cousins who I called my brothers because a we all grew together, well in the only one still alive.

How you can manage yourself and what is the achievements after comeback?

Despite the deaths and the legal trouble I managed to land myself on a few big stages going on tour with Twista and landing a huge tv role on fox on empire. I was sleeping in my car just to be a background extra for two years. I would leave my town at 2am just to make it to set on time. I lost a lot of weight so Ronaldo of sleep and nutrition but I don’t care.

Now I currently own commercial real estate and few other businesses including an Anytime Fitness in Lincoln IL.

How Can people connect with you?

Here are my social handles
Instagram @Thisiscanon
Twitter. @Thisiscanon
Facebook. Mario Canon
YouTube. MarioCanon (CanonTH1)
Spotify. Mario Canon