Artistic Innovation and Bold Expression: A Journey Through the Work of C4thaartist

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Where I’m I from?

I grew up all over the metro area of Oklahoma City. North , east , south , but the westside of the city (Lyrewood Ln.) to be exact is where I found my home.


When I first started music I a had a couple artist that inspired me to pick up the mic. Such as Quando Rondo , K Camp, Lil baby and more. As I got older and really becoming more of an artist and living in my truth I studied the greats and of course Wayne , Wu-tang , Drake , and a couple more inspired me to go harder. And start looking at this shit different.

New Music?

June 3rd my 1st project “LIFE OF AN ARTIST” dropped and is out on all Platforms . It has 8 different vibes on the tape that I feel are top charting songs! With that being said I’ll pushing the album as much as possible and will be dropping new music with my team ( Ultimate Entertainment) this upcoming summer. Expect new visuals for the album as well.

Background into music?

Honestly I didn’t want to rap nor sing. I was in college back in 2017 and fell into depression and didn’t know what was next for me. My big cousin told me to hop on the mic one day, and I refused to do so. Once I got in the booth and laid my 1st track down I fell in love with the booth ever since. My boys from the block heard me playing it and said the track was fire and at the point we all just tapped in and started putting in the work. Once Nipsey Hustle died I knew then why I was doing music and really started to dig deeper into this music and really finding my sound and style of music. So from 2017 – Now I can honestly say my resume is something to talk about.

How can people contact you ?