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Tell us something about yourself?

IMByrdowens born in Nashville , Tennessee and raised in LA , CA and Redondo Beach , CA before moving to Minneapolis , MN . Growing up in these diverse locations ahs greatly impacted his life and influenced his views , surroundings , concepts , and thought process . It has also had a major impact on his art , incorporating elements of trauma , pain , heartache , knowledge and loss into his music as a form of therapy to remember his past where he is headed. Despite coming from a divided family IMBYRDOWENS has managed to overcome his challenges and remains committed to achieving success in both his business and personal life.

When you found your love for music?

Growing up inner city melting pots , I was drawn to the hip hop music culture and fell in love with it . I had always been artistic and had been through many difficult experiences , particularly dealing with death which has greatly impacted my music and made it deep and full of pain . I started out doing rap battles before writing my own music and constantly evolving my appearance , sound and style to find out who I am.

Tell us about your current music? what is it about?

My current sound is a mix of rock , rap , and trap music , showcasing my background on both sides of where I come from . I had a unique genre of indie Rock/trap metal and often wear a mask on stage covering both physical and mental scars and allowing listeners to interpret my music without seeing my face or emotions . I am artist embraces both the light and dark side of my personality and will not shy away from sharing my experiences and emotions through my music.

Which things you do beside music?

In addition to my musical talent , I also have an extensive background in art and creates much of my own imagery , illustrations , photos , videos and cloths for his brand . I am true artist who brings his vision to life.

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through my website….

Also through my Instagram: