Back and Better Than Ever: CEO & Rapper (Foolish) Drops Highly Anticipated Mixtape”

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CEO & Rapper (Foolish) is back with another dope mixtape hosted by Djknight Atl with all new
reality music. Foolish second mixtape dropped this year shows the grind and hard work he was
been putting in. This mixtape titled Reality Music is so his best work with tracks for everyone to
feel and relate too

A Reflection of Life: CEO & Rapper (Foolish) Shares What His Music Means to Him

He raps about the violence and the consequences of living reckless with no regard for life. The struggle of being poor without hope but at the time making his audience laugh and enjoy good music

CEO & Rapper (Foolish) Shares Insights and Experiences with Fans on New Podcast

He also is the host of The Foolish Show Podcast live streams on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
channel Reality Music ENTERTAINMENT. Foolish discusses real life topics having real open
conversations about life and what all comes with living.

From Musician to Entrepreneur: CEO & Rapper (Foolish) Expands His Reach with New Brand

He has recently launched his own merchandise called Reality Music ENT. with official merch apparel for men, ladies or kids along with great products such phone cases, duffle bags, towels etc.

how CEO & Rapper (Foolish) becoming a role model for new generation

Foolish hustle is undeniable pushing his vision and dream of helping the word become a better place. He is a great role model for the youth showing with hardwork and investing in yourself you can be