CJ Joe’s Musical Journey: From Humble Beginnings to International Success

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about CJ Joe

A seasoned international Reggae artist/stage name, CJ Joe is Japan’s finest artist of the genre. Inspired by boost by his live performances, opening up for “Sugar Minott” in 1998 in New York City followed by the likes of “BUJU BANTON” and “Drive A US Tour” in 2006.

Early Beginnings: CJ Joe’s Introduction to Music and Reggae

The talented artist set his sights overseas in 2016, cementing a career as an official international recording artist with his first performance in the Netherlands with Pacha Mama Sound, followed by his first Philippines Tour in 2016 performing in Manila, Cebu, and Boracay. 2016 also marked the release of his first International Reggae Single Debut “Never Fail I”& “Never Fail To Dub”, which surged CJ Joe to newer heights. In 2017, CJ Joe dropped his second cut single “Free Myself” and “Free My DUB”, both of which were released and produced by Mykal Daily from Daily Ites Music. These tracks wero followed shortly after by many other singles, “In this World (Evolution Riddimy” which was produced by Sebat Roots Productionaries. Then Bands in Europe “House Of Riddim” who currently works with AnthonyB, Perfect Giddimani, Turbulence etc.

Rapid Rise: CJ Joe’s Ascension to the Top of the Reggae Scene

From the world pandemic year, he kept on rising constantly with great songs like “Hope& Pray” (2020)
“Hold On”(2021) produced by Sinkybeats. CJ Joe has definitelý built a noteworihy brand within
Reggae. Boasting several enviable accolades, the artist was nominated for Best Inte rnational Artist in at UK forward to his first international album which will be dropping soon. Charged with a peerless and unique style, originality, and flair, CJ Joe has defined himself as a versatile musical icon. Ushering a new wave in the genre, Fareast Japan’s prolific maestro is surely one to watch out for.

How can people connect with him

People can connect with him through his Instagram https://instagram.com/cjjoefareast?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Website https://www.cjjoefareast.com/

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@cjjoevevo466