Future Of Crypto According To Economists :

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Crypto currency is truly a new idea and it is rare that we have truly, fundamentally new ideas think of Bitcoin as a kind of record keeping system and you pay people in Bitcoin to validate the records ,and you move onto the next day and every day , every moment , you have a new set of records and this process self enforcing .

It Cannot Be Over Ruled:

It cannot easily be over ruled by an outside authority or central authority . It is like you have a new kind of money, A new kind of investment asset , A new kind of computer .

Two Types Of Mindsets:

The people who are deeply into crypto have such bold , grand plans and I am not convinced they have thought through how to carry it all out . At the same time the other mindset of people who dismiss crypto altogether they think it is a scam or a bubble or a fraud .People do not think how useful crypto will be .

Reasons Why The Crypto Skeptics Are Skeptical:

People use crypto to pay off ransoms if hacker will go into the medical records of a hospital, pull out or lock or freeze that information and they would not give it back until they are payed off in crypto . You cannot ever get you money back it is an irreversible transaction done on the block chain that is the end of it.

Crypto Consumes A Lot Of Energy:

Crypto itself, in most of its current forms it consume a lot of energy . You have computers racing to make calculations to crack different kinds of crypto graphics problems and those computers use so much energy that it damages the environment through carbon emissions in a way that we understand pretty well .