Hustler Times: Interviewing a Rising Star of the Music World Oryah Brown

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Tell us about yourself

I’m an artist that stands for creativity, uniqueness & mental health. My family is originally from Brooklyn, but I spent lot of my time growing up in Pennsylvania. After previously making beats for 7-8 year’s I transitioned into rapping/singing under his first name Oryah back in 2020.

when you started your musical journey

Back in middle school, I was making beats at the time while trying to compete with one of my best friends. During the pandemic, I lost my passion for making beats after a life-changing experience. By the end of the year though, I was beginning my career as a rapper after my fellow peers CozyClyde & S.A.V. introduced me to my longtime friend & audio engineer Nate Kobain. We’ve been locked in since then & I can say this is the most successful I’ve ever been in my career. I love rapping & writing songs.

How does your music reflect your personal values and beliefs?

My music, lyrics, vocals, etc. are used to express authentic feelings/emotions. I’ve already performed in several large cities including NextToRise’s events in Atlanta, Chicago, and more. The main emphasis of my work is versatility & range. As an artist that listens to tons of styles/genres, his inspirations include artists like Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Isaiah Rashad, Tyler the Creator, Lucki & Chief Keef.

What are your long-term goals as an artist, and how do you plan to achieve them

My goal is to become a critical with a strong loyal fanbase & music that can help the world through its darker times (or be the soundtrack to someone’s best moments). I’m looking forward to dropping my upcoming album release called “God Looked Away”. It’s been my main focus for almost a year now & I’m roughly 80-85% done.