Makins Faluyi (CEO of Stay Blessed LLC) has been trending all over the Internet

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What Is Your Born Name?

My born name is Makins Osadolor Faluyi jr.

Where You From?

I’m from Louisiana, New Orleans.

Tell us something about your brand?

My brand is a upcoming successful streetwear clothing brand.

which thing inspired you a-lot ? how you start your journey?

It all started after I graduated from high school. I honestly didn’t know what was gonna my purpose for living was gonna be after graduated. I started a part time job for 4 months then quit. Because the job just wasn’t working out for me. Then I went back to my hometown in New Orleans for my birthday and I realized I’ve seen so many people struggling down there for money and do whatever they can to just a quick a dollar. So after I couple of days of me being down there for my birthday I went back to Minnetonka,Minnesota (currently where I’m staying at) to figure of what should I do to make some money. So I started going on TikTok and I noticed so many people my age were started a clothing brand, started streaming or started a YouTube channel. So I though about what I wanted to do for a couple days and it finally came to me that I wanted to start up a clothing brand. So I went and got my sketchbook started a couple of designs and logos on there posted it on TikTok.

who suggest you to make your brand digitally ?

One of the people that commented on my TikTok suggested to me that I should do digitally so I started designs. So then I was tryna figure well how am I gonna make the clothes. So a couple on TikTok suggested to me to find a manufacturer. So I kept looking for weeks for manufacturers but couldn’t anyway. So I ended just posting more of my digital designs on all platforms until some manufacturer just texts me. So I ended up getting a couple of manufacturers to text me after I posted a couple videos on all of my social platforms. So now I get them to physically design my clothes. So currently now I’m just trying to gain more engagement on all of my social platforms and gain some sales on my website.

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through my Instagram

Brand Official Instagram

Check out my Website to see Stay Blessed Products