The Sound Of Success: How “Skip Flanagan” Balances Music And Business Ventures

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About Skip Flanagan

Skip Flanagan is a Houston-based musician, entrepreneur, and author. He is also an ex-athlete. He played basketball for Texas Southern University and also Oregon Tech. While at Oregon Tech he broke the three-point field goal record.

How he become musician

After Basketball, he ventured into music. Promoting artists and concerts in Houston. He released singles from his first two groups Bad Influence and Black Juice in 1995. He then released a compilation with other Houston artists and The Grass Roots Family titled Chocolate City. Chocolate City received worldwide recognition and accolades. Getting the eye of a lot of industry executives.

Skip Flanagan

the books published by Skip Flanagan

Skip Flanagan published his first book Your Only Choice is to Become Rich! Which is currently a best seller. He will be publishing his second book which is a kid’s book in 2023 titled “The Return of the Spiritual Wizard”

how he balance his business and music

Skip Flanagan is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the owner of 5 service companies The Green Spot Houston. Which he has been operating for 30 years. He says in his words The job finances the dream!” He is one of the hottest independent artists out right now. His sultry style separates him from most. His music takes u to a different place. In a time when good music is needed. With dreams of being a successful filmmaker and billionaire, his accolades keep building up.

You can connect with him through his Instagram: skipflanagan