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Who is Justin Haynes?

Justin Haynes of JUS10H is a notable fashion sensation . His signature designs have gained national and international recognition. Since the inception, JUS10H has worked diligently to improve his craft and focuses to fashion awareness in his hometown Springfield, Massachusetts. Thriving on pushing the envelope , Justin believes that one should be true to themselves. Walk with confidence feeling good inside and out . “Never worry about what others may think about you”

Tell us how about your start?

I started JUS10H after declining a promotion and leaving a job that provided me a tremendous amount of stability. I took a leap of faith, trusted God, and made a commitment to becoming a fashion designer. I’ve overcome many obstacles. Those tough times lead to multiple platforms across the world. I’m a retro chic kinda guy. I specialize in men’s, women’s, children’s, and now bridal wear. I’m a “Modern Vintage” tailor. I infused bright colors with distinct patterns and elegant patchwork. I allow my brand to be distinctly recognizable and with the help of God… I’m highly recommended in places, by people, I’ve only dreamed of.

You have received many “firsts” and many awards in the fashion industries. How does it feel?? Can you name a few??

I remain true to my mission, “Bringing Fashion to Your Everyday Life.”  I remain true to….ME!!! 

Some of my features include over 38 campaigns in magazine publications. I am named the Lifestyle Fashion Icon by Google news, Women’s Ready To Wear Designer (2022), TedX Top 10 1000 Influencer List of (2022), Fashion Philanthropist (2022), Listed as a designer on CFDA,………….

I’ve made some worldwide waves. But, what does all of this mean without God, Motivation, and Consistency??  Just know I’m thankful for EVERY platform be it great or small. 

Tell us about your virtual audience and the many fashion partnerships you have with other countries?

My virtual audience made a pivotal change during the pandemic. What I thought would be a total disaster, became the total opposite. 

Since then I have released several virtual and in person showcases with a virtual audience of over 10,000.  I have hosted a Motivational session with my mentor -World Renowned Custom designer and Springfield Native, Ruth Carter and is the first African American from Springfield Massachusetts to present on the FNL Network and Nubian Television.. I am a training partner with the Fashion Industry in Ukraine, Singapore , China, London, UK and Argentina. Currently, newly appointed to the Tokyo Fashion Council’s Board of Directors.

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through my Instagram :