Turning Beats into Business: Talmadge Whitaker Junior Talks Music and Entrepreneurship with Hustler Times UK

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Talmadge Whitaker Junior, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has woven a unique narrative in the music industry, transitioning from the sales world to become a beacon of positivity through his artistry. In this interview-style article, Talmadge shares insights into his background, influences, and the journey that led him to where he is today.


Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and what led you to pursue a career in music after leaving the sales industry?

A: My name is Talmadge Whitaker Junior, and Philadelphia holds early memories for me. My foray into music was a response to the draining nature of the sales industry. Unlike selling products burdening people with debt, making music allowed me to sell something I genuinely loved.

Early Influence:

Q: Who inspired you to pursue music after high school?

A: Observing friends and family abandon their dreams after high school fueled my inspiration. A career in sales early on made me realize adulthood’s inevitability, pushing me to seek a different, more meaningful path.

Unique Style:

Q: How would you describe your musical style that sets you apart?

A: I don’t see myself as exceptionally unique. I leverage my gift of translating experiences into lyrics, and continuous learning has shaped my skills. If there’s anything unique about me, it’s my refusal to give up.

Career Turning Point:

Q: What changed for you after releasing “Rapper Man” (2018)?

A: “Rapper Man” marked a turning point. It was the first project where I felt proud of the mixed master, subject matter, and overall production. It was intentional, showcasing improved skills and marking a pivotal moment in my music career.

Business Expansion:

Q: Why move to Las Vegas and expand Tribe Trinity Entertainment?

A: Moving to Las Vegas during a tumultuous time for my family and the world forced me to adapt. Joining forces with a friend, Trey Overton, and delving into business was transformative. Tribe Trinity Entertainment gained serious traction in Vegas, thanks to Trey’s mentorship and investment in my growth.

Mission in Music:

Q: How do you bring your mission of “speaking life” into your music?

A: I believe hip-hop culture has been inundated with negativity. Through poetry and rhythm, I strive to spread messages that resonate positively. I want to avoid preaching death and demonstrate that consciousness doesn’t have to be corny but can be relatable and impactful.

Future Goals:

Q: What are your future goals as an artist and business owner?

A: My business started from a need — affordable studio time for my creativity. Now, it funds my music career, allowing me to teach others to do the same. My goal is to use my business to create a foundation in my community, a space for aspiring artists to flourish.

Legacy Goals:

Q: As a business owner, what legacy do you aim to leave for other creatives?

A: Humility is the key to my legacy. Coming from humble beginnings, I believe in giving back. My legacy is about protecting and serving through my business and music. I want to inspire others to utilize their gifts to better the world, planting seeds for future generations.

In summary, Talmadge Whitaker Junior’s journey is a testament to resilience, continuous learning, and a commitment to using music as a force for positivity and community building.