Interview With Relationship Coach Inna Mel

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What`s up how are you?

Hi, I`m great, thanks for asking.

What`s your background and what makes you a relationship coach?

I am a Jewish immigrant who came to the US in 1992. Ever since I was young . I was always fascinated with human connections so dynamic of relationship was always very interesting to me. Going through my share of break up`s and heartaches helped me better identified problem areas and realizing we all have similar struggles then became my driving force that inspired me to become a coach. After years of studying , investing in coaches , seminars and breaking my own patterns I finally started coaching women.

How long have you been in business?

Going on 4 years now.

Who are some of the most interesting people you have interacted with?

I am fortunate to know , To learn from so many amazing and talented people . I had the pleasure of meeting renowned cardiac surgeon doctor Steven Gundry at the at one such of his book launches. I got to chat with him about the secret to great health and longevity and learned so much about the foods we eat.

Why should people hire a relationship coach?

I`m a big believer that everyone needs a relationship coach , especially today . Having someone who will challenge on your liming believes and flawed assumptions , who will help you to develop more empowering mental habits , is indeed priceless.

Can you share with our reader your tips for them?

Hire a coach early on , work through your fears and past wounds so that you can show up as a better person for your self and attract the right partner for you.