Paris Venson: A Journey into the World of Music and Dreams

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In this article, we’ll delve into the life and experiences of Paris Venson, a talented music producer and engineer from Chicago. Paris’s journey in the music industry has been marked by passion, dedication, and unique creative approaches. We’ll explore his early influences, collaborations, and aspirations that drive him forward in pursuing his dreams.

Discovering the Melodies: The Early Days

Paris Venson’s love for music traces back to his childhood. Even before he knew it, music was his calling. As a young boy, he found solace in melodies, beats, and rhythms. Although he was surrounded by music, it wasn’t until he met Trapmoney Bones that he truly understood his destiny lay in this world.

The Turning Point: An Encounter with Trapmoney Bones

When Paris Venson met Trapmoney Bones, everything changed. Bones recognized the spark in Paris and encouraged him to explore music production. Inspired by Bones’ words, Paris started experimenting with music software, creating beats that were entirely his own. His ability to create music on the fly, at the moment, set him apart and opened doors to new opportunities.

Paris Venson

Collaborations that Shaped His Journey

Paris Venson’s talent and unique approach to music production attracted like-minded artists. One of his notable collaborations was with Trapmoney Bones himself and the talented rapper, Cane Solo. Together, they created tracks that resonated with audiences, further solidifying Paris’s place in the music scene.

Beyond Music: Exploring Film Sets

While deeply immersed in the music world, Paris Venson explored other creative avenues. He worked as a Production Assistant on Lifetime’s movie “Instacult,” gaining valuable insights into the world of filmmaking. This experience added another dimension to his artistic journey.

Music with a Purpose: Serving the Community

Paris Venson’s passion for music extends beyond personal success. He actively volunteers and helps people at his church, which owns a catering business called “2 The Rescue”. Paris believes in using his talents to make a positive impact in his community and uplift those around him.

Paris Venson is a musician and an artist.

Ambitions Beyond Music Production

While music production is Paris’s core passion, he envisions a multi-faceted career. Apart from producing and engineering, he aspires to explore writing, acting, and even venturing into small businesses like funeral homes and nail shops. His ultimate goal is to build residual income to secure a better future for his young daughter.

Paris Venson’s Unique Approach to Music Production

Unlike many other producers, He creates his beats live, embracing the moment and the emotions it brings. This approach gives his music a raw, authentic feel that resonates deeply with his listeners. Paris’s dedication to originality and innovation is what sets him apart in the music industry.

Following the Vibes: Connect with Paris Venson

To experience the amazing vibes Paris Venson creates, you can find and follow him on various music platforms under the name “Paris Venson.” He is active on Instagram (@official_pmvdamvp), Facebook (Paris Venson), and YouTube (pmvDaMVP).

To contact him for bookings you may contact his manager Allure at Instagram (allure_jones_the_manager) or E-Mail her on (

Paris Venson is a talented musician.


Paris Venson’s journey in the music industry showcases the power of passion, creativity, and unwavering determination. From humble beginnings to collaborating with renowned artists, he has carved a niche for himself with his unique approach to music production. His desire to give back to the community and build a better future for his daughter adds an inspiring dimension to his story.


How did Paris Venson discover his love for music?

Paris Venson’s love for music was ingrained in him since childhood. He found solace in melodies and beats from an early age.

What was the turning point in Paris Venson’s career?

Meeting Trapmoney Bones was the turning point for Paris Venson, who inspired him to explore music production.

Has Paris Venson collaborated with other artists?

Yes, He has collaborated with Trapmoney Bones and Cane Solo, among others.

Apart from music, what other ventures does Paris Venson want to explore?

In addition to music, Paris Venson aspires to explore writing, acting, and getting involved in small businesses such as funeral homes and nail shops.

How can I connect with Paris Venson?

You can find and follow Paris Venson on various music platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, under the name “Paris Venson.”