R&B Sensation: Six Thirteen

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Meet Six Thirteen, the rising star in the world of R&B music. Infusing smooth vocals with pop and trap-like melodies, this gifted singer and songwriter has carved a niche for himself in the music industry.


Hailing from Paterson, New Jersey, Six Thirteen’s musical journey was influenced by the city’s diverse music culture. Winning talent shows and performing at city fairs laid the foundation for his promising career. A brief stint with an independent label at 22 added valuable experience to his repertoire.

Embracing Independence

Now an independent artist, Six Thirteen is charting his own path to musical success. He values creative freedom and draws inspiration from his community and fan base, who have been crucial in shaping his artistic vision.

R&B Sensation: Six Thirteen

A Sound of Escape and Euphoria

Six Thirteen’s upcoming singles promise to be a continuous mood enhancer, providing listeners with moments of escape and euphoria. His fusion of R&B, pop, and trap elements creates a fresh and captivating sound.

Messages Through Melody

Beyond the beats, Six Thirteen’s music carries profound messages. He touches on personal struggles, love, and social issues, using his platform to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Versatility and Collaborations

Unafraid to explore new horizons, Six Thirteen embraces collaborations with other talented artists and producers. This willingness to experiment and blend styles showcases his versatility as an artist.

Six Thirteen is a rising star.

A Devoted Fan Base

Lovingly known as the “Thirteeners,” Six Thirteen’s fans play an integral role in his journey. Through meet-and-greets and social media interactions, he maintains a strong connection with his supporters, fostering a sense of community. He is a great singer.

You can Connect with him on his Instagram: Six Thirteen

A Bright Future Ahead

With unwavering dedication, genuine artistry, and a growing following, Six Thirteen’s future shines bright. The music world eagerly awaits each new release, anticipating the next chapter of this extraordinary artist’s story.