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What is your birth name?

I was born as Charles Johnson but friends and family call me CJ.

Can you tell us about your musical journey?

Born in Richmond VA and raised in the same small city as Trey Songs. Petersburg was a rough beginning though. With a Christian background I always strived to do right by people. Dealing with bullies in a crime infested city makes you tough. I turned to music to deal with my frustrations and to make a name for myself, Rellz Tha Postman. I have been doing music since 2001. Before that, I was just freestyle rapping against kids in my local middle school. It started out with my cousins Bobby G Stacks, Giggles The Clown, my brother Christobal the Vision doing a local mixtape and making beats on the Music Generator 2. Later on, I teamed up with a few cats from my high school. My boy Will Street, King Mista and I started a group called Sincerely Yours. After school, we wrote many songs and attended local recording sessions with fellow artists.

Our group expanded but later we went our separate ways still keeping our friendships intact. I started a entertainment label called Flyah Entertainment with my family. With My brother and partners, we started to release music at a rapid pace. Our first artist besides myself, was Dswiss the Black Jesus. I knew him for years and we always had respect for each other. To continue the brotherhood we worked on his first solo joint Black Jesus vol 1, which made impact in the mixtape circuit locally and partially digital. Swiss kept grinding with me and went on to do other solo projects and formed a group called “Da Lee Boiz” with his cousin T money who later got down with us!

After running promo campaigns with several companies, I realized I could do marketing as well. I decided to launch my own magazine publication called Flyah Magazine. We feature local and international artists from all over the world and we have over 70,000 fans on social media. Along with the magazine I kept making music every year with other ventures as well.

What are your previous and upcoming projects?

I have over 20+ mixtapes and albums that are released on Bandcamp, mixtape sites such as Nerve Djs Mixtapes, and YouTube/streaming platforms. My first official album was a collaboration with my brother entitled XR Projections. It was like a fun freestyle project full of clever bars and classic hip hop beats. Currently, i’m working on the deluxe edition of my album Tropical Reasons, which is scheduled to be released on May 19th. Tropical Reason is a summer project with good vibes to relax to while you enjoy the seasonal weather. I’m also a character in my own robotic universe called Storm Valley. Storm Valley is centered on the lives of the Sorry and Cool Robots who are based on my brother and my personalities. Sorry represents my brother, the introverted robot and Cool is based on me, the outgoing one. Along with the robots is my character the Cyborg, my homie Denny Mild who plays the evil Professor Willy, my brother Christobal The Vision who is like a fortune teller, My cousin Boom who is a cafe owner, and other dope characters. We release monthly animations and motion comics via @respectrobo .

Can you describe what your music is about?

My music is about being a hustler with the awareness of the Universal Laws and living life with a positive mindset while showing that life if ups and downs.

What type of business do you have besides your music?

I’m an full time writer, engineer and audio producer for others as well. I’m currently producing tracks for Eddie Vega and Sampson The Poet. i’m also a comic writer and animation creator with my team Avijit Misra, Pedro Musa, and Rakuns. Currently we are working on our webcomic series entitled Welcome To Storm Valley which is featured on .

I love to develop ideas for clothing as well. I have several clothing brands such as, Premium Contraband, Bal Clothing, Respect Robo and helping my brother develop his own series entitled Children of the Pencil.

Can you list off your achievements?

I graduated from the Audio Institute of America in 2013. I have been scouted to work with Play Records which is located in Canada. I also have been featured on international radio platforms and blogs. I have thousands of music streams, followers, sales and downloads worldwide.

How can people connect with him?

People can connect with him through His Instagram

Also Visit His Website

And His Youtube