“Scientists create world’s thinnest gold”

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Scientists have successfully created the world’s thinnest gold, which measures only two atoms in thickness. The researchers at the University of Leeds achieved this by using a special molecular glue to bind gold atoms together into a layer that is just one millionth of a millimetre thick.

The ultra-thin layer of gold has a range of potential applications, such as in electronics and catalysis. It is so thin that it is considered to be 2D, which means it has unique electronic and optical properties that could be utilized in new technologies.

The process involved in creating the ultra-thin gold layer was complicated but highly precise. The researchers used a highly purified solution of gold ions to create the films, which were then carefully deposited onto a silicon substrate. The molecular glue was then added to the solution, which helped form the ultra-thin layer.

Dr. Sunjie Ye, lead author of the study, said that the discovery could revolutionize the electronics industry. He added that the unique properties.