The Hustle Never Stops: “Restlezz”Unleashing His Creativity Through Hip-Hop

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About “Leo Sandoval Jr aka Restlezz”.

Leo Sandoval Jr aka Restlezz is a rap artists from Ogden, UT.
He been doing music for awhile now charting the hiphop itunes chart twice already. Once in the U.K and once in the U.S with one song featuring Yo Gotti and the other featuring Jake Strain. With over a 1.3 million streams on spotify alone he’s been making some noise outside his home state.

Restlezz Newest Drop ‘Why U Mad’ .

His newest single ‘Why U Mad’ has been getting great reviews through other media outlets and blogs such as AllHipHop, The Source magazine and Working on a compilation album now full of other artist from all around he’s tryin his hand in PR and artists management. With over 15 years of doing music and working with major artist down to local artists he’s definitely made his presence known around his hometown Make sure to check out all his music on all major streaming platforms and follow him on social media also.

How Can People Connect With Him?

People can connect with him through his Instagram