The Rise Of “Road Restless” A Story of Hip HOP Mastery

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Who Is Road Restless?

Road Restless, Better known as Lance Wiggins, is an American musician, Model Rapper, Singer ,Songwriter and Actor as well he has participated in modeling acting school with barbizon and IMTA association in his Early life, And he as well had radio plays in Canada by Hits Toronto Radio station.

when & Where He Was Born ?

He was born on 17th February, 1996 in Raleigh, North Carolina where he also grew up and spent most of his childhood.

How he grow-up and who was his mother?

Growing up his mom was working for black tail magazines back in the 1980s hip Hop R&B she was also a singer and model etc. She was known back then for collaborating with Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant. Also growing up Lance Wiggins has Met Michael Jackson because he was always raised around a music environment also his cousin Sylvia Wiggins friends a helping hand mission marching band in Raleigh North Carolina known for giving thousands of donations to the community. While growing up his Mom was completely out his life for 20 years his father had passed away and was also in the mili

How can people connect with him?

People can connect connect with him through his Instagram