The Rise of The Emerging Artist “RockstarRican”

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About RockstarRican:

Romique Thompson (born April 3, 1996), professionally known as RockstarRican, is an American rapper and songwriter. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He rose to Popularity in 2021 with his single “Talk Too Much”, which surpassed over 400,000 streams on Spotify in just 30 days.

which artists RockstarRican listen from his childhood and who inspired him a-lot to do music?

He grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Boosie, Drake and Fabolous while in a household with his single mother on the Southside of Richmond Virginia.

When RockstarRican start doing music ?

Growing up he wanted to pursue a music career to support himself along with his family members. In 2016, him and a couple other friends went to a recording studio where he recorded his first song and that`s when he fell in love with the recording studio, and from there he used his money he was making from his part time job and help from family to buy his recording equipment and set up a mini studio in his room so he would not have to pay anybody to record music.

what is the first song of RockstarRican?

A few weeks after he got all of his recording equipment set up, he recorded his first song in his room titled “Rock”, which he then posted the song snippet on Instagram and it gained 350k views causing it to go going viral on his Instagram account which got him seen by Sony Management.

how RockstarRican expand his brand?

He went to Atlanta to work with Sony affiliates to talk about how they could expand his brand and after that took place, he felt like they were a supportive team and would help take his career to the next level.

How can people connect with him?

People can connect with him through his Instagram account