The Sound Of Passion : The Music Of BigKeyshay

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About BigKeyshay

TahnikaKeyshay AKA BigKeyshay was born in Columbus, Ohio. She grew up on the rough side of Columbus, Ohio. She is a music artist who has been making waves in the industry for years, with a unique sound and a powerful stage presence.

BigKeyshay is an artist

BigKeyshay’s Relationship With Music : A Passion And A Calling

BigKeyshay always had a passion for music as a child. Her great Aunt would have her perform in talent shows, pageants, and the church choir of course. BigKeyshay’s goal in the entertainment industry was to become America’s next top model. She always enjoyed being in the spotlight, doing photoshoots, fashion shows, movies, interviews, and even radio.

BigKeyshay, a music artist.

How BigKeyshay Choose Her Career

In 2019, She decided to pursue her career as an American Rapper. BigKeyshay knew she would succeed because she had always written short stories and often would use poetry as a hobby. Her struggles and being a Mom of two kids gave her a lot to write about. She has a real story to tell and she knows there are a lot of young girls and women of her age who can relate, rather it be a strip club bagger or something about her life experience.

You can connect with her by following her on Instagram: keyshay