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About TruePandana

New York born music artist and entrepreneur TruePandana has only been making music for 2 years and has already acquired an array of fans in multiple cities. She credits this success to both modern social media and a less conventional means: Relocation. The past 2 years she‘s moved from New York to Guam, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. She’s also ventured through over 2 dozen cities in multiple continents. With her tremendous social media presence, she still continues to go out and network in the real world.

TruePandana Is Building A Fanbase Moving City To City

She’s amassed a major quantity of global fans from both. TruePandana is demonstrating the importance of building authentic connections both on and offline and it reflects in her streams and music. Each single she releases keeps getting great plays and airtime. Some of her latest, “3D” and “Transmission” have been featured on Power105.1 and she’s been featured + spun on Shade45. We can’t wait to see what TruePandana drops next as she continues to steal all our attention!

How Can People Connect With Him

People Can Connect With Her Through Instagram