What Is Metaverse And How Can It Fix Internet Mistakes

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Right now, The Metaverse does not exist its not something we can go out and experience. We cannot purchase a product . No company is going to reflect metaverse revenues on their income statement it is an ambition we are as a society , as people did not evolve for thousands of years to interact with 2D interfaces . There is a belief that the metaverse is a more intuitive way to express , to create and to explore .

Its Just Expensive:

Its just Expensive and not widely deployed .And so, those example of going to the DMV and talking to a holographic representative , going to a retail store to try on clothes that are projected on top of you with a camera , with a consultant telling you what is a good fit having the measurements tuned based on gait analysis that is not that far off, but in many instances we will find that the world around us has been build using this technologies.

How Useful The Metaverse Is:

.Architecture&Constructions are already using them today or we might walk through an industrial facility such as Airport , which for all intents and purposes is in the Metaverse and has placed you there from the moment you set foot.

Woman enjoying a VR headset

Concerns About The Metaverse:

The biggest concerns about the metaverse that we are still struggling and in many cases failing to contend with current problems with the internet like dis-information , privacy data these are very serious issues. There are evidences that they are getting worse each there .

3D-Rended Environment:

Inside a 3D-Rended environment or with 3D-Augmentations like AR glasses we already observed with younger generations we will start to see that seniors start to educate to do physiotherapy to see their doctors to be analyzed in 3D real-time experiences . we will see in the near future , speaking to a customer associates will be presented in holography .whenever you talk about holographics people think of this as an impossible technology . The truth is that it is just expensive and not widely deployed.