Akhtar Khan Tell Us The 7 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Compelling Vision:

The first thing that successful entrepreneurs do they is that they have a compelling vision and extremely clear goal. The compelling vision in my book is the code of reaching excellence . Now most people think that their business their property portfolio or their portfolio of business is their end goal .

Business Is Not Your End Goal :

Your end goal is really to live life on your terms this is about designing and engineering your life so your business gives you the resources you need so you can have the time ,the money ,and the freedom to live life on your terms so what does a compelling vision look like .

Vision Should Be Aligned With Your Core Values:

A compelling vision has to be aligned with your core values the things that are important to you so may be its your family ,may be its your relationship and may be its your significant others its a kind of experience is that you want to have may be , you want to travel and may be you want to travel the world.

If You Have Not A Compelling Vision:

If you go for a vision that is out of alignment with your core values you are most likely going to self sabotage and you would not get their because its not aligned with who you really are .So, its important you would got a compelling vision it has to kind of cover all areas of your life ,your relationship. You know love money wealth experience .

Actionable Goals :

Actionable goals you need to make sure that you are clear on what you are doing that going to take forward towards the vision. Normally people say to me look I want to build a property portfolio I want to build a business I want to quit my job but they sit on fence .

Two Types Of People In Entrepreneurship:

When it comes to entrepreneurship there are two types of people. Procrastinators find excuses why they should not do stuff they sit on the fence they are indecisive they think about all the things that could go wrong they ask questions like what if , what if ,what if . what if this happen , what if this happen. Whatever these people are stuck and they are kind stuck in place of fear . The second type of people they believe in their ability to do things .

Learn From Successful People:

The another habit of successful people is they learned from successful people who have done it already who have gone there . There you know ahead of them so successful people and the habit of successful people is finding other successful people or more successful people to learn from .

Find The Right Mentor :

I will throw any amount of money to be you know to get the time I need to be with someone who is more experience who can show me how to do .

Learned To Self Invest :

If you are invest in yourself you are going to do the work and you are going to get a good return on investment which you have always done . Every bit of money you spend on yourself has always help you level up and refine yourself .