Meet Simone Heng Who Found His Purpose Of Life:

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The Dark Era Of My Life :

So, its 2014 and I am waking up and crying all the time I hate the place that I am living hate would be subtitle word for it. I am grieving the loss of my mother her identity who she was and she is in a wheel chair and I am grieving the relationship with all of my extended family because I were returned home from being an expat for 10 years and things are just not like I thought they would be the same time has this I am physically cleaning 9 to 5 my mom.

I lost My Purpose Of Life :

I have completely lost my self , my creativity , my purpose in life . Is dashed and I do not resemble my self anymore .My hairs falling out I am crying in the middle of shopping center but when it get to the point I am hurting other peoples .

The Moment When I Changed:

I decide that its time to see a doctor and this one moment change my life . He checks and he says Simone you are not depressed you do not have depression you were lost your purpose of life . He says I want you to read one book that is is my medicine for you . I jumped out of the clinic I drive straight to my local book store and I buy this book .In this book Victor Frankl found those people who survived in Nazi concentration camps they survived because they had purpose to live bigger than themselves and I sat there and I realized you have to go out of here you have to go back to a place where you can do what you love where there is a market for you .