Interview With Rapper DRE-B

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What is your born name?

Andre` Black.

How did you come by your stage name ?

My stage name is actually the name I would always had growing up . When I started music I see no reason to change up the name from what everyone already knew me has. The DRE is short for Andre` and the B comes from the first letter of my last name black .

When did you discover your love for music? And what made you realize it?

When I was a young child .My mother had a CD collection with the wide variety of generous . The oldies and smooth R&B were always my favorite .I was young lover boy as I got older . I Became more Intrigued with Hip-Hop and the story telling behind it .

What are some your greatest challenges and your greatest attributes when it comes to making music?

I honestly feel that nothing is challenging when making music . It all comes some easily and relaxing to me because I am always in me. I do not try to be anything that I am not . Authenticity is important to me I feel that my fans and supporters will gravitate to me for that reason alone . As far my attributes I am great at capturing a topic and making flow nice over the right beat and also expressing my self to the vibe of the right beat.

Are you the best at what you do?

Of course! simply because there is no another me no one can do what I do , how I do it . I am me and its only one particular person included when that word is expressed.