Interview With Talented Artist & Entrepreneur “TYB”

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What Is Your Birth Name?

I was born as Tyler Anthony Mangione.

Can You Tell Us About Your Musical Journey?

I’ve been making music all my life wether it’s an instrument or my voice. I grew up with both sides of my family that enjoy listening to music or making it as well. I grew up in a rough environment so a lot of the life experiences I went through or feelings I’ve felt I try to let it out into my musical creations, I like to create all genres of music tho and I stay authentic to my sound and word choice.

What Are Your Previous And Upcoming Projects?

I’ve actually had a lot of collaborations with bigger artists who are either known in the Bay Area or world wide such as 1100himself, ProducedByMitchell and I got a song on the way with Nef The Pharaoh. I’ve also worked with Zaytovenbeatz and I’m currently working with Almighty Jay right now.

Can you describe what your music is about?

My music is about my life experiences, emotions I’ve felt, people I’ve met and much more. Even though I make the music for myself I try to make it in a way that everyone can relate to an extent and I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life already to be able to do that.

What type of business do you have besides music?

I have many streams of income but a lot of them Started off as investments, I’m barely now just starting to see any results from my investments but it’s definitely a start. I also own a clothing brand called enTRAPreneur just mainly t shirts but the further I get into my music career the bigger my clothing brand will get.

Can you list off your achievemets?

Everyone comes from some sort of struggle but I’m my eyes, I started off at a low point so to get to where Im at in life right now is probably my biggest achievement so far, I just keep going day by day and stay focused and humble.

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through my Instagram