Strutting Success: Bella Davis Unveils Her Fashion Journey in an Exclusive Hustler Times Interview

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1: What inspired you to become a fashion model?

I was discovered when I was 12 years old in London and ever since that I started watching America’s next top model and I told myself one day I will be a professional model. I manifested my desired reality and the visions as a kid became true. To have consistent faith is the number one key in life and to never quit no matter how hard it gets.

2: Can you share a notable experience or challenge you’ve faced in your modeling career?

When I do something I do it 100% and that can be a good thing and also a bad thing. Sometimes I found myself overworking myself and at too fast a pace, that led me running in place not moving forward. Today I work smart instead of fast. This enables me to reach a whole other level. I had a hard time with my body image, and the industry can make you feel you need to constantly strive to reach a level of perfection that doesn’t exist. I pushed myself to extremes and went through some really hard dark times but I came out the other end. I just didn’t feel comfortable showing up to a shoot let’s say if I was not 100% in my eyes, even if I actually was. I am now so happy and confident in my own skin and stronger than ever because of what I overcame. It only made me stronger and I feel the most healthy I have felt in my entire life.

3:How would you describe your unique style as a model?

The cool thing is that you can never guess where I come from. Some people think I am Asian, some Brazilian..I am such a unique mix that one makeup look can totally change my features which has helped me get into lots of cool different shoots with different cultures. I have a commercial look but can also do editorial and runways as I am 5’10 tall.

4: What do you enjoy most about being a fashion model?

I enjoy meeting people all over the world and traveling around the world to immerse myself in different cultures and experience new places. In this way I grew a lot as a person as I’ve seen and been through a lot which I’m thankful for as it tought me so much and made me who I am today.

5: How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for modeling assignments?

As a person I’m really focused and I like to be dedicated. I don’t play around when it comes to work! I have a sick workout schedule where I go to the gym 3 hours, and then go home to do brain exercises to get my mind in check as I learn throughout the years that the mind is the most powerful thing you have. As long as you have a healthy mind and a healthy body u can do anything in life. Now when my mind is stronger than my feelings I wake up ready to tackle the day ahead.

6: Can you share any exciting collaborations with designers or brands you’ve had?

I must say to walk in Project Runway when I lived in America was such an amazing experience for me as it was my first time on tv. I had the chance to met Heidi Klum on each film day and she was so lovely and gaved us good advice, we also had the chance to meet a lot of designers on set so it was an incredible moment I will never forget.

7:Are there any misconceptions about modeling that you’d like to address?

People sometimes think the modelling world is only glitz and glamour. And that we just get everything handed to us. That’s not the reality let me be real. It is a very challenging industry, and you need to be very mentally strong in order to keep your head right. You can get 99 no’s before you get that one yes. There is a misconception that most models are rude or pretentious but that is absolutely not true. I am all about good vibes and no one has ever complained about me. For me it’s all about putting good energy out there which you then get back in return.

8: Apart from modeling, what other passions or hobbies do you have?

I’m a Tom boy at heart, I absolutely love sports. U will see me be home playing FIFA while the girls get dressed up. I also like to go to the park with the boys and play football. As a kid I played football and handball for 9-10 years and also went to a sport’s school and was one of the best in Sweden at a young age. I’m also into yoga and meditation. These practices enable me to learn more about myself and grow as a person. To connect with ur higher self is key.

9: How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance as a model?

I take my ME time a lot, this helps me re-charge and balance out the hectic work life that comes with my profession. Meditation helps me find my peace as well as spending time around my loved ones, family and dear friends who help ground me and make me smile and laugh.

10: What upcoming projects or goals do you have for the future?

Next year you guys will see me on TV, I can’t say much more than that now. But it’s something big coming my way and I’m so excited for it! People can connect with me through my Instagram