Get To Know About The Emerging Artist And Producer “CoupeDaze”

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About CoupeDaze

CoupeDaze was Born in Jacksonville NC and raised in VA, this Revolutionary Artist is here to take the world by storm. He’s lyrically a Mastermind, from the careful crafting of his in the pocket, phrasing to his clever methods of catching your attention with his unique delivery. COUPE, is sure to leave you in a hip-hop, DAZE. This dynamic, heart-wrenching lyricist has the capacity to take you on a musical Rollercoaster and hungry for more.

When “CoupeDaze” Started Music

COUPE DAZE was first introduced to Art of music at a young age. Accrediting his natural gift of music to his close family members. Daze recalls, being nine years old, and in the same studio as some of the Greats. That very moment, DAZE realized that’s what he wanted to do, without question.

“CoupeDaze” Business Besides Music

Not only an Amazing Musical Prodigy, but all business man & Father, COUPE DAZE has still carved out time to Hoan in on being a Fashion Designer and new venture media personality talent of THECOUPESWOLRDPODCAST.

CoupeDaze Upcoming Drop

CoupeDaze OH LAWD Feat Kole music produced by beatmaejors (Guitar) Christian brown, will be released on 4-9-23.

How Can People Connect With Him

People can connect with him through Instagram ://

Also visit his website