The Power of Independence: How Lyriclou is Paving Their Own Way

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About Lyriclou

Louis Brantley (Born Nov 2,1995), known professionally as Lyriclou, is an American rapper,singer and songwriter. Originally from Boston, Ma but raised in Atlanta. Lyriclou’s fan base increased throughout the years due to show performances. His Instagram page has reached well over 50k followers .He’s grew popular over time and created a buzz around his name.

How He Grow From Spotify

His fan base was also elevated ever since his SoundCloud has reached thousands of plays from his versatile styles of Hiphop and catchy hooks. He blends elements such as Trap , Melodic , and Hiphop, as well as vocals with punchy Singing Lines created with softwares such as Auto-Tune and Protools . Lately, his music has slowly become more relevant to different types of Spotify playlists which has lead to more exposure and an increase in listeners, followed by a boost in music streams which have escalated higher than it’s ever been before.

he is a singer whose name is lyricslou

what are his previous and upcoming projects

Lyriclou is currently an independent artist and plans on providing his fans with more and more hits similar to his 2019 single “Stay Motivated ” which lead him to creating his second Ep “Splash Into My Feelings” Pt 1. He states “Plenty of more projects to come and more features are on the way. Lyriclou plans on being consistent and continuing to deliver creative music videos with a variety of melodic and versatile rap.

In 2023 Lyriclou is already gaining a new buzz off his Newly Released single “Winnin” Featuring Virginia’s Very own ShiaVa , a rising star whom just signed new partnership venture with 3rdEyeRecordings / Bunglao / Universal Music Group.

In the following months to come out will be more features, Shows, interviews etc . Being consistent is the key.

he is a music artist named lyricslou